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As the political, economic, cultural and tech center of the Guangxi northeastern region and Guangxi-Hunan junction area, Guilin is well known for both its long history and beautiful landscape. The City is divided into 6 administrative districts and 11 counties and possesses the total population about 5.1 millions. Enjoying the fame of “the best scenery under heaven” since ancient time, Guilin is one of Top four international tourist destination cities recommended by UN-WTO, the International Tourist Destination City approved by the state Council of China, a symbolic city of China Tourism, and the" wind vane” of  China Tourism development. The Li River has become a golden water way of world tourism while Guilin’s Karst Formation is the World Natural Heritage. Since 2007, we have had 10 successful UNWTO/PATA Forums on Tourism Trends and Outlook held in Guilin. And Guilin has become the permanency city of the forum. Guilin has received more than 180 heads of state and national leaders from all over the world since Guilin opened to the outside world in 1973.  Guilin had been annually receiving the visitors more than 50,000,000 person-times, ranking within the Top 10 Overseas Visitor Arrival Cities of China.

Guilin city harmonizes perfectly with the landscape creating an even more attracting environment for tourist to enjoy. Guilin city features two rivers and four lakes. The combination of rivers and lakes makes the city center into a grand park for visitors, which both beautifies the ecological environment and provides more recreational areas. Guilin is the most romantic city in China with her ecology, nature and culture,which makes Guilin a perfect place to relax and relieve stress.

 Guilin offers kinds of colorful entertainment and outdoor sports, gaining the reputation of ‘paradise for outdoor sports’. Thousands of outdoor fans are attacked to come to Guilin, and hiking, drifting, rock-climbing, swimming, bicycling and kayaking are getting more and more popular here.

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