Nongla is a typical example of the rocky desertification control in Guagnxi, at where the Karst Geology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Monitoring Station of Key Laboratory of Karst Dynamic System  of Ministry of National Land and Resources, Natural Reserve Zone of Guangxi are located. This area integrated multiple functions such as popularization of sciences, eco-experience, leisure, and praying. The Putuo Temple is surrounded by mountains with well-protected forest cover and diversified wild herbs. The natural eco-environment creates the pleasant climate in this scenic spot, which has won a good reputation as the Natural Oxygen Bar. In the scenic spot, there are many tourism sites like Displaying Hall for Rocky Desertification Control, Putuo Temple, Enlightening Stone, Bodhidharma Chanting Sutras, and so on.

Nongla Ring Eco-Tourism Zone is centered at Nongla and extends20km to the surrounding area. In the zone, the National Road No. 210links the zone with the town of Mashan County in the north and Yangxu of Guling Town in the south; the Shangma Road (second-class) connects the town of Mashan County in the north and Guzhai Village, Jiafang Village in the east, and Limin Lake of Guling Town in the south; besides, the zone also covers the area from Yangxu to Shangji, and then to Juzhong. The Eco-Tourism Zone contains rich ethnic culture, rocky mountain culture, religious culture, historical culture, rural custom and culture, and etc. Relying on superior geographical advantages, beautiful naturally landscape, abundant local culture, and the brand effect brought by Nongla pattern, the construction ofEco-Tourism Zone will follow the developing concept of “the residential communities can be scenic spots, and the countryside isthe tourism destination”, through optimizing and beautifying the environment of the zone, the environment resource will become the first advantage and the basic resource for tourism here. At present, the scenic spots within the zone that have been opened to public include Jinlun Cave (four-A class), Xinjing Resort (four-star), Longquan Resort (three-star), and Xiaodubai Resort; scenic spots that are under construction include Nongla Scenic Spot, Xiaodubai Model Village, Xishan Resort, Shunzhuang Tourism Area of Shuijing Town, Yangxu Wind Power Plant, Jinlun Tourism Resort, Longshui Resort.

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